Ableton Live Tuition

One-to-one, Personalised Courses and Lessons


Ableton Live is a beast...

Over the years we have experimented with numerous DAWs, but Ableton Live has proven to be a hit with us as well as the electronic music industry, becoming a major tool for Producers, Live performers and DJs alike.

Here at Declaok Studio we are continuously keeping ourselves up to date with the latest knowledge on Ableton along with many of the  industry leading VSTs, External Hardware and MIDI controllers, to ensure all our students get a helping hand on any route they decide to take with their production and live performance.

Every course with us is one-to-one and PERSONALISED to your ambitions and goals within the Musical style you wish to produce or perform live. So no matter what your prior music production experience is, come to us to see how we can take your skills to the next level.

We are extremely proud of the results we have been achieving with students, typically seeing up to 4 years shaved off their learning curve in just 20 hours worth of tuition.

Check out the Ableton Live based courses we have available HERE.

I’m on my second round of lessons with Jack and he’s taken me from an absolute beginner on Ableton to being able to write and produce tracks from start to finish in literally a few months.
— James Dove