CDJ / Turntable Lessons

One-to-one DJ lessons focusing on either vinyl turntables or CDJs.

Currently having turntable lessons after endless hours of frustration at home. Jack has taught me methods that make it seem easy!
— Liam Ibbertson, Decloak Student

Have you ever wanted to learn how to mix house music? Have you ever wished you could do more than just listen to your favourite dance tracks? 

Here at Decloak we have over 10 years experience DJing everything from Hip-hop to techno in some of the countries biggest clubs and events that span across Europe. We offer 10 hour one-to-one crash courses to get you up and running on the basics and mixing your favourite tunes at a club-standard level.

Focusing on the two most common mediums of mixing, CDJ and Vinyl, we take a systematic approach to the teaching of this art form, breaking the sessions down into core skill development and at a speed that suits your personal learning style. 

Check out what we have on offer HERE.