Decloak Music Studios the Feature of The Waveform Transmitters latest article

A few weeks ago Andy from The Waveform Transmitter dropped by for a chat about all things music production, underground music scenes and Manchester.

With so much on offer in Manchester in regards to Music Production Lessons, DJ Schools, Club nights and Music Styles, we took a few hours to digest what this means for the city, and where we have come from.

Give it a read here;

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Decloak Black Friday Deal! 25% Off All Music Production and DJ Courses

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Black Friday is upon us, and no matter how much we hate the concept we still thought we'd offer a nice little discount to take advantage of everyones madness over the next few days.

We are giving 25% OFF everything from Ableton Live Masterclasses to DJ Courses.

Head over to our courses page now and use the discount code BF25 when completing your order.

A perfect chance to buy a Christmas present for that lucky someone. 

No matter which tuition course you choose, all are one-to-one and completely bespoke to the want and needs of the student. We assure you 100% satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The code is only active until MONDAY so don't hang around. 

Remember to enter code BF25

Here are a few courses we have on offer. (the prices listed are before the 25% discount)

Ableton Live

1 Day Crash Course (8 Hours)
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10 Hour Lesson Bundle
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DJ Courses

3-Day DJ Crash Course
420.00 520.00
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