Decloak Tutor Phil Denton Releases "Martinet" on DeadCERT.

After Several years of focussing on other alias’ and non-techno projects, Decloak tutor Phil Denton is easing himself back into the techno scene with one track as part of a VA on the highly reputable UK based label DeadCERT also featuring Alex Dolby, Stephan Krus & Anthis and A4.

Phil has shown that all the time burrowed away in the bunker and the studios at Futureworks has really paid off, with the track “Martinet” being charted by Charlotte De Witte at no.4 in her Liquid Slow chart along side fellow Mancunian Setoac Mass. The track has gained support from other techno Stalwarts such as Tom Hades, Takaaki Itoh, A.Morgan, Stephanie Sykes and Thomas P. Heckmann.

Look out for more from Phil as well as plenty other Decloak alumni making waves in there respective scenes.