Zonal - Delay Control EP out now on Basement Reborn

Earlier this year we saw another in a string of releases emerging out of the depths of the Decloak bunker. This time Zonal drops another EP on French label Basement Reborn, who’s recent releases feature the likes of Marla Singer and Ket Robinson, the latter of which is also propped up by a remix from Manchester based, A.Morgan.

Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 10.42.36.png

The first track Delay Control is defined by dark rolling low ends, infused with powerful chord stabs, evoking a peak-time warehouse-rave feel, with Control Delay being a more stripped back and dubbed out affair, whilst still maintaining the driving low ends and high energy techno percussion. Detright is a more synth laden track, with a little more funk in the bass and organic leads. The EP has elements of both US and UK techno with European vibes through out, and is supported by Alex.Do (Dystopian), Juan Trujillo (Simplecoding), Juho Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki), Marco Raineri, Patrick DSP and Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded) plus many more respectable Techno artists. Available now at all decent download stores!