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"I've been working with jack for a few months now after going to him for a Mixdown and mastering service on my first album with OSR. His Mixdown skills have been outstanding and the final mastering sound on the album was precise and expertly done.
I've worked with him on Ableton software recently which he knows intricately regarding live sets and effects, not only now is jack going to be my studio engineer of choice for future OSR songs he's a friend and I would recommend future musicians to work with him in there future careers." - 
Andy Young, Original Sauce Recordings Ltd


"Very knowledgable, helpful and professional. Would recommend to anyone, these sessions continue to develop my understanding of Ableton and i always leave feeling inspired and hungry to make more music" - Greg Purnell, Playground


"I found lessons with Jack really helpful. I leant far more techniques in a shorter space of time than sat watching YouTube tutorials. The sessions were completely tailored to my needs and as a result, my productions have developed far quicker than I had hoped for. The mastering service was excellent, a fast turn around and quality was superb. Cheers Jack!" - Ben Sumner


"Can't recommend this man highly enough. Been having lessons from Jack, he is not only deeply informative during lessons, he loves and is committed to music. Jack truly knows his onions!" - Justin Smith


"I'm on my second round of lessons with Jack and he's taken me from an absolute beginner on Ableton to being able to write and produce tracks from start to finish in literally a few months. It would have taken me years to learn some of the techniques he's shown me. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who's interested in either learning from scratch or taking things to the next level. A great teacher who you can tell absolutely loves music!" - James Dove, The Beautiful Sleazy


"Been with Jack for nearly a year now, I learnt to produce tracks on Reason and had an EP release from a few productions on there but since Jack started teaching me how to use Ableton it opened up worlds for me. I was reluctant to give into Ableton fully for a while but it was the best thing that could of happened to me. If you're looking to make tracks as a hobby or just love music, don't hesitate." - Zak, Mimic.


"Ive just finished my first 10 hrs of music production (mostly techno) with Jack. He has taken me from complete beginner to be able to produce my own tracks fairly comfortably from start to finish in this time, but like everything there is so much more to learn so I will 100% be going back!" - Ed Stubbs

You can listen to a selection of music from both our tutors and clients on our Soundcloud playlist below.