Guidelines to Bouncing a Track for Mastering


This guideline is to be read through before you bounce the track down from your DAW to be Stereo Mastered by us.


  • Mix Down the various levels of your track so that they are balanced.
  • Ensure the project has enough "head-room" - this means the master channel on your DAW should be hitting below zero dB. Preferably make sure the mix down of the track results in more than 5dB of headroom (-5dB below 0).
  • Ensure that there are no effects or devices on the master channel of your project. If you have put devices on the master please turn them off before bouncing.


1. Once you are happy with the mix down of your track then proceed to bounce the project down using the following settings -

  • Format – WAV

  • Sample Rate- 44100

  • Bit - 32

  • Dithering - OFF

2. Send the file to DECLOAK.MCR@GMAIL.CO